Friday, 14 March 2014

Go away stupid plantar fasciitis!

Got my self a nasty case of plantar fasciitis.(read that if you haven't got the foggiest on what am blabbing on about)... if you have suffered from this before you know just how painful and easy it is to get it.. you can run perfectly fine one minute and the next your feet become really inflamed after your plantar fascia tissue just simply has enough and gives up. I got it a few days ago for the first time and I am trying to rest my feet as much as I can now so it doesn't get any worse so that means I have to just about float everywhere now.. well not quite but because I cannot put any weight on my effected foot I do have to hop around quite a lot which is quite funny. Anyway I am young so I am hoping that means my plantar fascia will heal up quicker.... if not then I am doomed as I have a soccer game very soon what I wanted to compete in and if my plantar fasciitis has cleared by then in a bout 2 weeks time I will be very very annoyed indeed!

I have missed work since getting it.. which is okay I guess but I do need get back to work soon because I am running out of money, it really is quite scary how you can find yourself struggling both physically and financially after a accident even something as small as plantar fasciitis... Imagine what it is like for those suffering form much more serious injuries but I guess we live in a total selfish world.... capitalism and there is no place for the weak and vulnerable...I hate the evil rich gits at the top they are evil that run the world. It funny how I started off this blog post talking about my plantar fasciitis and now I have managed to get onto politics.

Anyway I really just want my plantar fasciitis to go away so I can just get on with my life and not "resting" my feet all the time because it is just sooo booooring!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Star Web Hosting "limited" review

Star Web Hosting "limited" is a cheap webhosting in all aspects of the word.. yes it may not cost much but you site will just about never be available because it has such poor up time.. I have a website or rather it is a small blog that I forgot about and it was hosted on Star Web Hosting which I forgot about but I recently rechecked the website and turns out it is down.... I dont know how long for but its down and seeing as this is the first time in several months that I have actually checked the website it really does not bode well for Star Web Hosting "limited" at all! It has since be put back up... but I keep on getting connection timeouts and it is incredibly slow. When trying to access cpanel it turns out without even telling me star web hosting has changed my password. I would really avoid these guys at all costs I know plenty of free hosts that are a lot faster and more reliable.....Hmm I think star web hosting has lost itself a customer here... MORONS.... they have probably been ripping me off with this lousy web hosting from the start but I have just been to dumb to check my website constantly and I guess that what happens when you forget a website.. I think the reason why I ended up forgetting about the website was due to the fact that I got inpatient waiting for it to load all the time...... To summarize; All ways down.. when not down constantly slow... free hosting much better and erm cheaper than this cheap host.. I guess you just pay cheap so you get rubbish service with these folks. Even for seo sites were all you need is for the site to be up most of the time so search bots see links this web hosting is bad because.... search engines will never see your links because it is always down.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rubbish art; Thereza Rowe

I thought that it would be rather fun to start blogging about art I find really rubbish... so much in fact it makes me yawn..... So let me begin, in this first blog post I will mention an artist I have noticed pop up on many art and graphic design blogs the artist/illustrator if you can even call them that by Thereza Rowe... I am not even going to bother posting an image of a example of their artwork because it might wreck the design of my blog's design...(and my blog design is really bad anyway!). Thereza Rowe's art is a prime example of bad meaningless art that has no meaning behind it and even on the technical side of things has no talent either..... its just useless with no imagination or anything about it that makes it anything. Thereza Rowe is simply a really rubbish artist but people seem to "Like" there images. probably because they are girly and other silly reasons.... and that she is socially connected in social networks that promote here rubbish pieces. I wouldn't hang one of her art pieces on my wall. I think what Thereza is attempting to do is to adopt a simple almost baby like approach to painting like trying to go back to drawing in nursery....which is weird and has been done before its all commercial too all made to make in bulk with repetitive ideas and concepts made to sell..... nothing new really boring and shallow if you ask me. If you read there blog they are very up themselves as well and you get the feeling that Thereza thinks her art is the best thing in the world when it aint.... like I said its baby like... Yawn...... I do not get how such rubbish gets on popular graphic design and art blogs...... I guess anyone can pass nowadays for a artist if they are socially connected.