Friday, 7 March 2014

Star Web Hosting "limited" review

Star Web Hosting "limited" is a cheap webhosting in all aspects of the word.. yes it may not cost much but you site will just about never be available because it has such poor up time.. I have a website or rather it is a small blog that I forgot about and it was hosted on Star Web Hosting which I forgot about but I recently rechecked the website and turns out it is down.... I dont know how long for but its down and seeing as this is the first time in several months that I have actually checked the website it really does not bode well for Star Web Hosting "limited" at all! It has since be put back up... but I keep on getting connection timeouts and it is incredibly slow. When trying to access cpanel it turns out without even telling me star web hosting has changed my password. I would really avoid these guys at all costs I know plenty of free hosts that are a lot faster and more reliable.....Hmm I think star web hosting has lost itself a customer here... MORONS.... they have probably been ripping me off with this lousy web hosting from the start but I have just been to dumb to check my website constantly and I guess that what happens when you forget a website.. I think the reason why I ended up forgetting about the website was due to the fact that I got inpatient waiting for it to load all the time...... To summarize; All ways down.. when not down constantly slow... free hosting much better and erm cheaper than this cheap host.. I guess you just pay cheap so you get rubbish service with these folks. Even for seo sites were all you need is for the site to be up most of the time so search bots see links this web hosting is bad because.... search engines will never see your links because it is always down.

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